Spain studies opening the door to the self test

Last March in Germany, self-tests for the detection of covid-19 began to be sold, these diagnostic tests are marketed with the accompaniment of an instruction that allows citizens to carry out the test themselves, without the need for assistance health and thus reduces the risk of contagion. 

The newspaper El País, in its article “The first rapid covid self-tests sold in the Aldi and Lidl stores in Germany are sold out in minutes,” reports the following: “The result of the self-tests is obtained in 15 minutes and has a sensitivity (ability to detect a positive) between 80% and 96%, according to the German Federal Institute of Medicines, which was responsible for its evaluation and approval. The kits on sale include the swab that must be inserted through the nose to obtain the sample. Two large chains have started to market them, but in a matter of days drug store chains such as DM and Rossmann will also do so, and other supermarkets, such as Rewe and Edeka, as well as pharmacies, have also announced that they will have tests on sale shortly.”

The approval of self-tests that began in Germany little by little is expanding to other countries of the European Union, currently, they can be purchased by all citizens in pharmacies and supermarkets in the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belgium, and France. There is no common position on the approval of these tests by the European Union, therefore, there is no consensus on their price or the conditions for their performance. 

The self-test is an instrument that allows the detection of the Covid-19 virus in people who present symptoms, previously we have explained the reliability of a rapid antigen test and also the different tests that currently exist and how each of them differs. Undoubtedly, the self-test is a maximum bet on the individual responsibility of each citizen, who must notify their health center in case of positive and in this way contribute to the fact that the virus does not continue to spread in their community. 

In November of last year Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid announced that “he is already working on the draft of the plan to carry out coronavirus tests in pharmacies with the idea of determining, in addition, which ones could be dispensed for the conducting a self-test“. This was stated in an interview in Onda Madrid, collected by EuropaPress,  where he also explained that in the coming weeks they would report on the progress of this strategy. 

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